Robert Mills

Robert S. Mills


Mr. Mills is a 39-year veteran in the pharmaceutical industry. Bob’s expertise ranges across GMP Operations, Clinical Research, Regulatory Affairs and Commercial Operations as well as R&D, IT, Product Development, Technical Services, Manufacturing, Engineering and Quality Assurance. Mr. Mills has a large network of industry relationships, as well as a very strong track record successfully managing businesses, delivering quality products, successfully interacting with the FDA, and generating attractive growth through expanding market share and launching exciting new products.

Most recently, he was the President and CEO of Scientific Protein Labs (SPL), the US’s leading manufacturer of heparin and pancreatin. Recently, Mr. Mills sold SPL to a Chinese pharmaceutical company for 3 times the original purchase price and with milestone payments over the next several years could be as high as 5 times the original purchase price.

Prior to SPL, Mr. Mills was President of Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, a leading manufacturer and distributor of generic pharmaceuticals. He joined Qualitest in early 2010 with the specific charge to grow the business at a quicker pace. In less than one year, monthly net sales increased by over 50 percent. In late 2010, Qualitest was acquired by Endo Pharmaceuticals for $1.2 billion or 15 times EBITDA.

Prior to Qualitest, Mr. Mills was recruited to Columbia Laboratories, Inc. in 2001 to solve a worldwide recall issue for the principal product and re-launched the product to the marketing partner within 4 months. He was also responsible for a product with a completely new delivery system being approved on its PDUFA date and after becoming CEO in 2006 more than doubled sales to $36 million in two years. As Vice President and General Manager of Watson/Schein’s solid dose division, after correcting a number of quality and regulatory issues through a voluntary corrective action plan with FDA, the Company received 5 new product approvals. The launch of these products coupled with operational efficiencies resulted in an improvement of profitability in one year by $60 million which was instrumental in Schein being acquired by Watson.

Mr. Mills served as Vice President of Operations at Alpharma, Inc. from 1993 to 1996. Prior to Alpharma, Mr. Mills held various positions with Sanofi including Director-Plant Operations, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer. His business development experience has led to multiple product acquisitions, joint ventures and product divestitures. He was recognized as a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year for New Jersey in 2009 by Ernst and Young. Mr. Mills holds a B.S. Degree from Grove City College and numerous graduate business credits from Temple University.