Transforming drug delivery with the power of powder

We transform how medicines are developed and delivered by leveraging our proprietary Thin Film Freezing technology.

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Our Platform Technology

We convert medicines into an elegant dry powder for improved efficacy, safety, and stability.

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ocular, intranasal, topical, inhalation - tff programs


Our initial pipeline focus in lung-directed drugs leverages our profound expertise in respiratory medicine delivery and the ability of our platform to improve outcomes across many therapeutic areas. We are transforming medicines into stable dry powders that enable alternatives to injection, including intranasal, inhalation, intraocular and topical delivery.


At TFF, we value our unique partnerships with a broad array of pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and government agencies. Whether through our internal clinical development programs or on a contract manufacturing basis, we collaborate to create strategic, efficient solutions with our partners to improve health outcomes worldwide.


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