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Partnering Philosophy

At TFF Pharmaceuticals, collaboration is part of our DNA. We partner with a broad array of pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, government agencies and CDMOs to leverage our disruptive technology and revolutionize healthcare around the globe.

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Focus Areas

Between our internal clinical development programs and our contract manufacturing formulation solutions, we can provide advantages to our partners through approaches tailored to the specifics of each therapy’s individual profile. We are dedicated to developing long-term strategic and collaborative alliances in many areas including:

mRNA • siRNA • Plasmid DNA • Phage • mAbs • Peptides • Proteins • AAV (Adeno-associated virus) • VSV (Vesicular stomatitis virus) • VLP (Virus-like particle) • Small molecules

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Pharma Partnerships

We partner with many prominent drug development companies to improve the efficacy, safety, and delivery of both approved therapies and therapies in development, including vaccines, small and large molecules, and biologics. Partnering with us can invigorate the IP of existing drugs.

TFF is working with multiple biopharma partners on development of therapies, including mRNA vaccines, monoclonal antibody therapies, and medical cannabis products. We are actively seeking new partnerships to build a robust and expansive vaccine portfolio and to explore how our technology can be used to develop drug formulations that enable targeted delivery to the lungs and other organs, through inhalation and other methods.

Academic Partnerships

We collaborate with a range of world-renowned academic institutions and experts to broaden the potential of Thin Film Freezing technology and expand access to mRNA-based, VSV, and universal flu vaccines, as well as other therapies.

Our work with the University of Georgia’s world-renowned Center for Vaccines and Immunology focuses on developing TFF-formulated compounds that provide long-lasting protection against a wide variety of influenza viruses, contributing to the development of a universal flu vaccine. Through partnerships with leading vaccine experts, including Dr. Drew Weissman at University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Kartik Chandran at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, we are applying our Thin Film Freezing technology to develop shelf-stable vaccines against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

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Government Partnerships

We work with government and military institutions to develop therapeutics and vaccines that can be transported and administered with ease for future pandemic preparedness and biodefense. Current collaborations include a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) to develop temperature-neutral inhaled treatment formulations of biodefense countermeasures for military personnel. Additionally, through a subcontract with Leidos, we are participating in the Personalized Protective Biosystem program to develop next-generation chemical and biological protection for U.S. warfighters.

TFF’s partnered programs not only enable biodefense and protection against the current pandemic but will serve as an essential component in future pandemic preparedness through the development of vaccines and therapeutics against multiple infectious diseases.

CDMO Partnerships

We partner with contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) to offer our technology through contract agreements to companies seeking the benefits of Thin Film Freezing to develop safe and effective therapies.

In March 2022, TFF Pharmaceuticals and Catalent announced a collaboration focused on the development of dry powder formulations of biologics for inhaled delivery using Thin Film Freezing technology. We also work with a number of other CDMOs, including Experic and Societal CDMO, to further expand treatment options for patients with many different diseases by leveraging our proprietary technology.

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Disclosed Collaboration Partners

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Partner with Us

We are dedicated to our mission of engaging our Thin Film Freezing technology to enable safer and more effective delivery of medicines by working creatively and efficiently with our partners.

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