Core Values

TFF’s core values consist of the following three beliefs:

Striving for breakthroughs with our technology to develop new and improved products for patients around the world
Delivering on time, on budget, and as promised
Maintaining the highest standards of performance, professionalism, ethics and integrity

Partnering Philosophy

The Business Development Philosophy of the TFF BD Team is as follows:

Partnering for Success. Our history tells us that great achievements are attained through strategic collaborative partnerships. We are dedicated to our patients and our business, and we are open to explore more creative ways of partnering that can transform a partnership into a long-term strategic & collaborative alliance. TFF will work diligently and transparently with our potential partners to ensure an optimal arrangement.

Areas of Partnering Focus

Given the multiple applications of TFF’s innovative technology, the TFF Business Development Team is focused on these key areas for partnering:

  • mRNA
  • siRNA
  • Plasmid DNA
  • Phage
  • mAbs
  • Peptides
  • Proteins
  • AAV (Adeno-associated virus)
  • VSV (Vesicular Stomatitis Virus)
  • VLP (virus-like particle)
  • Small Molecules
  • Others

TFF continues to evaluate poorly soluble compounds that would benefit from the TFF technology to continue building its pulmonary pipeline.


TFF is reformulating and developing dry powder vaccines for (i) reconstitution (removing the cold-chain process), and/or (ii) inhalation via nasal or pulmonary delivery.

Life Cycle Management &
505(b)2 Opportunities

Utilizing the TFF technology and depending on the specific compound, we can quickly reformulate an existing product into a dry powder inhalable product candidate with similar efficacy, a lower dose, convenient pulmonary delivery and extended exclusivity.

New Chemical Entities

Utilizing the TFF technology and depending on the specific compound, we can overcome certain challenges of poorly soluble drugs by formulating a dry powder formulation with better bioavailability and absorption characteristics.

Disclosed Collaboration Partners

In March 2022 TFF Pharmaceuticals and Catalent announced a collaboration focused on the development of dry powder formulations of biologics for inhaled delivery using Thin Film Freezing technology. For more information on Catalent, click here.

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