Although intended for the lungs, many drugs are not given via the airway because drug properties make it too difficult to formulate for direct to lung delivery.

Given systemically, these drugs often produce unwanted and potentially life-threatening side effects. To get around this, companies have tried to use microcapsules, carriers, and other agents to try to dose drugs direct to the lungs, but these other delivery agents often produce their own problems.

Using its proprietary technology, TFF can generate dry powder inhaler versions of these drugs using nothing but the drug itself and approved lung friendly ingredients. This means that drugs of all types – small molecules, biologics, even combinations – can be dosed direct to the lungs with few, if any, side effects.


Glenn Mattes, TFF Pharmaceuticals Chief Executive Officer
Glenn Mattes, TFF Pharmaceuticals Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Glenn Mattes

Mr. Mattes is Chief Executive Officer of TFF Pharmaceuticals. He joined the company May 2018, bringing more than 30 years of business leadership, global therapeutics development expertise, and executive management experience to his role with the company.

In his capacity as Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mattes or Glenn, has oversight of the direction and strategy at TFF Pharmaceuticals, facilitating company activity in business development, marketing, investor relations, commercialization alliances and channels, and management support. He works to share the company’s vision and strategy with partners, investors and shareholders.

Mr. Mattes serves on the Boards of Advantagene, Inc., Deck Therapeutics, Cornovus, Inc. and CannaMetrix. He is an advisor to the Gores Group and Clayton Foundation for Research, and served as an advisor to PTV Healthcare Capital. He is also an Operating Partner of Revival Healthcare.

Board of Directors

Glenn Mattes, TFF Pharmaceuticals Chief Executive Officer

CEO & Board Member

Glenn Mattes

Board Chairman

Bob Mills

Director & Board Member

Aaron Fletcher, Ph.D.

Board Member

Brian Windsor, Ph.D
Harlan F. Weisman Headshot

Board Member

Harlan F. Weisman
Stephen Rocamboli

Board Member

Stephen Rocamboli
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